• VERNER PANTON, Time Space Matter
  • VERNER PANTON, Time Space Matter
  • VERNER PANTON, Time Space Matter
  • VERNER PANTON, Time Space Matter
  • VERNER PANTON, Time Space Matter

VERNER PANTON, Time Space Matter

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VERNER PANTON, Time:Space:Matter (DE: Raum:Zeit:Stoff – DK: Rummet:Tiden:Stoffet), hardcover book by Jens Bernsen, 2003, published by Danish Design Centre, 128 pages.

I have 6 books in MINT condition, clothbound hardcover with jacket, still in plastic cover.

Available languages: German and Danish

This Book about Verner Panton describes his life and works chronologically, but also includes contemporary distinctive design – and thus the support and opposition, which Panton works were associated with.

Verner Panton was born on Funen in 1926 and died in Copenhagen in 1998 after a long and deeply personal career in the design of furniture, textiles, lamps and complete interiors.

Verner Panton felt that the shape and the color came first and that the material came later – and the book portrays amazing furniture and Panton’s self-created shapes and special colors – and experimental use of plastics and glass.

The ‘never before done’, the playful and the experimental in the process was a necessary part of Panton’s working methods.

The author, former director of the Danish Design Centre, Jens Bernsen, has written numerous books on design and designers and was also longtime friends with Panton. He writes knowledgeable, vibrant and engaged in telling about the person Panton and his impressive effort.

Richly illustrated with lots of characteristic color photos of furniture and interiors – and a chronological overview of Panton’s work


Languages available:

5 books – German (ISBN: 87-90904-37-0)
1 book – Danish (ISBN: 87-90904-37-0)

Pages: 128 pages.

Provenience: Estate of former Director of the Danish Design Centre Jens Bernsen, who is also the author of the book.

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