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MOTHER’S DAY 1971 – plate by Royal Copenhagen – grade A! Wonderful porcelain plate with cobalt blue glaze.

Royal Copenhagen issued the first Mother’s Day Plate in 1971 – two years later than the competitor Bing & Grøndahl and after seeing the overwhelming success of their Mother’s Day Plates. Royal Copenhagen used human motifs on their plates, whereas Bing & Grøndahl used animals’ motifs.

The first four plates from Royal Copenhagen had a stylized version of a mother with child from different parts of the world. From 1975 to 1982 the plates showed interpretations of motherhood by two Danish artist illustrators, Arne Ungermann and Ib Spang Olsen. The later Mother’s Day Plates, from 1983 to 1987, have a more naturalistic look like Royal Copenhagen figurines.
The last plate was issued in 1989.

This annual Mother’s Day Plate is the first plate in the series, designed by Kamma Svensson and tilted American Mother.
The porcelain plate is hand painted with deep blue glaze – Royal Copenhagen’s signature blue – and portraits a mother, her daughter and a cat with its kitten in the middle with a border of abstract swirls.

Green back stamp with Royal Copenhagen logo, title, artist signature and three blue wave lines – classified grade A by Royal Copenhagen.

For collectors the back stamp carries a lot of information – one very important thing is the grading. Whether a piece is grade A (the best quality, no flaws or faults) or B (small, often not recognizable, production flaws) often carries a big difference in price. The way to distinguish the pieces apart, is to run a nail, over the three blue wave lines. Grade B pieces are marked with a vertical scratch in the porcelain where the wave lines are painted. Grade A pieces don’t have this!
Also, the little blue signature next to the wave lines is the hand painter’s (called blue painter) signature, and the green Royal Copenhagen logo contains further information for dating the piece.

The backside has two holes in the base rim enabling it for wall hanging.

Please note that I have a number of MOTHER’S DAY Plates from 1971-1977 – all by Royal Copenhagen, all grade A. Provenience: Estate of former blue painter, employed more than 40 years at Royal Copenhagen, private collection.
Contact me if you are interested in more than one piece!

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Cleaned, labeled and packed in protective bag.

Diameter: 15.2 cm |6.0 inches
Depth: 1.9 cm |0.7 inches
Blue, White
Design year
Kamma Svensson
Royal Copenhagen
Condition – Mint or Near Mint Condition - (10/10)
Royal Copenhagen Classification: grade A! No chips or cracks. Please see the photos!
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