We take shipping seriously!

We are fully committed to delivering the best service available anywhere, to go with your beautiful pieces – with first class shipping at affordable prices.

Through extensive experience we have reached a level of understanding that lets us supply you with a superior shipping experience.

Please feel free to ask questions about shipping, you do not find answers to here, we will try to answer to the best of our ability!


Safe packaging, fast delivery & affordable prices.

Priority Courier Services

Fully insured shipping worldwide

From Denmark to anywhere in 2-8 days!


We know you want your pieces NOW – we would too if we were expecting shipment of something special!

That is why we will package and ship your purchase within 1 business day, unless otherwise notified.

We ship using fully tracked and fully insured, priority courier services (FedEx and TNT), and the average delivery times for our shipments are:

North America:
South America:
2-5 days
3-7 days
Europe (EU):
Europe (Non-EU):
2-5 days
3-7 days
Asia and Oceania:
Rest of the World:
3-7 days
3-8 days

We monitor all shipments, and in case a delay occurs we will notify you promptly!

Customs, duty charges and fees

We ship from Copenhagen, Denmark which means that shipping within the EU is not subject to duty or additional charges or fees.

For shipments with destinations outside the EU, please note that you should account for any local duty charges and fees which may apply in your specific country.

These are usually pretty low on vintage items, and in some instances, specific items are even exempt. But as it would take an army of lawyers to plow through all the different import laws of the World, we are forced to say:

Buyers are responsible for any and all customs charges, taxes & additional fees or surcharges in conjunction with this!

If you have any questions about customs or duty charges, we are happy to share what we know – please just ask!

Tracking & Insurance

As soon as your order ships we will send you a shipping notification with information on the shipment as well as the tracking code.

We will also monitor your shipment from pickup to delivery, and will keep you informed all along the way, in case delays or other unforeseen events come up.

Please feel safe in knowing your shipment is fully insured with the courier!


Your purchase will be packed with the utmost care for safe transport and delivery to you.

The item itself has been cleaned, labeled and packed in a protective bag to avoid moist influx.

We use combinations of bubble wrap, cardboard and curled up newspaper balls for stabilizing and obtaining the best shock absorbing protection, and we only ship in sturdy double corrugated cardboard boxing.

The safe delivery of your pieces is top of mind when packing!

If any problems arise

99 % of all our shipments end in perfect deliveries – no matter how hard we try, we will never reach 100% – BUT we will always be ready to help if something does happen!

Should the worst of all things happen, and your purchased items, are lost or damaged in the course of shipping, please do feel safe in knowing that shipping is fully insured with the courier, and we will help you in any way we can!

We will of course always assist in locating a shipment if lost or filing a claim if shipment is damaged, but please note, that we do not directly refund purchases that have been lost or damaged in the process of delivery. Any claims need to be addressed to the courier, who holds the insurance for the shipment – again we will help you through!