Voss Belysning

Voss Belysning

The story of VOSS begins way back in 1878, in Fredericia, when retired colonel Ernst Voss began a production of molded lamps and other “fancy goods” in his basement. Ernst Voss died in 1903, and his sons took over the company, and began to export to large parts of the world.

In 1908, the first gas stove left the factory, which at the time also produced wood based stoves and kerosene lamps.

In the early 60s, VOSS was still producing lamps (but now electric), cooking pots and misc. other household goods, but now started the production of electric stoves. By 1968, production was concentrated exclusively to stoves (gas + electricity), which to this day forms the backbone of the production.

ELECTROLUX Group bought the company in 1980, the company changed its name in 1999 to Electrolux Home Products Fredericia A/S, and is now a company under Electrolux Home Products Denmark A/S.

The small assortment of lamps were made in the first half of 1900. Voss lamps are quite rare nowadays.

Designers employed

Designs by this Producer

Pendant light by Unspecified Designer for Voss Belysning ca. 1950s
Pendant light
ca. 1950s