Quality System

Quality System

Quality System was a huge success right from the inception in 1965, in Helsingør, and has its origins in the Scandinavian Design tradition of simplicity and functionality.

The idea behind Quality System started with a deck of cards. Industrial designer, Preben Jacobsen, came across some cards, as he was tiding up after his son. He cut into some of the cards and put them back together in different shapes – out of this, came the idea to make a lamp. Jacobsen shared the idea with his friend and artist Flemming Brylle, and six months later they had established Quality System, based on self-assembly lamps.

Their first lamp was the Cosmo Light, made in polystyrol (a plastic material with very fine light-dispersing qualities), and came as an easy self-assembly kit with 40 pieces to assembly. Over the next two decades, they designed and produced a wide range of designs in different materials, among them, the Moon Light (a ball shape with metal suspension).

Unfortunately, many of the lights produced by Quality System, are not labeled – the label was placed on the packaging, which most people would discard, once the light was assembled.
Simultaneously with Quality System, Flemming Brylle and Preben Jacobsen, established the company Brylle/Jacobsen Design, and both companies have concurrently produced lights by design of Flemming Brylle and Preben Jacobsen.

Some sources state, that Quality System closed in 1985, while Brylle/Jacobsen Design continued, but according to the information available at the websites of Brylle/Jacobsen Design and Quality System, their production and design has existed since 1965 (the corporate structure has probably been changed a couple of times through the years).

Today, the owner of Quality System is NN LIGHTING ApS (established in 2010), and supplies LED fixtures to more than 30 countries. The products are designed by Brylle/Jacobsen Design (to our knowledge).

Website: http://www.qualitysystem.dk

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