Nordisk Solar Compagni

Nordisk Solar Compagni

Nordisk Solar Compagni A/S was founded in 1919, by Jacob L. Jørgensen and Herluf Sørensen, who had a focus on electricity meters. By 1929, they had to move to larger premises at Haderslev, and the production of electricity meteres was sold, and became the Danish Meter Workshop. Nordisk Solar Compagni A/S was now concentrating on radio-production (Audiola) and other household products such as lighting. The radio production stopped in 1958. and by 1960, the lamp production at Nordisk Solar Compagni A/S really took off.

They utilized their plastic expertise from the radio production, and over the next two decades created some iconic light designs. They were known for high quality design, and won a number of international design awards. In 1975, the company created an industry department, and began expanding into Finland, Sweden and Germany, the coming years.

In the middle of the 1980s, the company started to specialize in solar technology, and change name to Solar. Domestic lighting production was first transferred to Hans-Agne Jakobsson A/S, the Swedish lamp manufacturer acquired by Solar A/S in 1989, then ended completely.

Notabel designers include Sven Middelboe, Fabricius & Kastholm, Ebenfelt, Hvidt & Mølgård, Vagn Dyring, Eva & Niels Koppel and Anton Fogh Holm.

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