Knud Christensen Electrics

Knud Christensen Electrics

Knud Christensen Electrics started as a small wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting equipment. The company was founded by Knud Lassen Christensen, in 1971.

Ten years later, in 1982, the company changed name to Knud Christensens Agentur and in 1984, Knud Christensen took on a partner, and together they slowly expanded the company. The company was eventually sold to Station-Denmark Aps, who specializes in sourcing and importing kitchenware, hardware and gifts.

Regarding the lighting production, there is very little information to find here. All we know for sure is, that in 1974, the iF product Design Award was given to Knud Christensen Electrics for Model 8370 and the credited designer is Jørgen Buchwald.

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