Kemp & Lauritzen

Kemp & Lauritzen

Kemp & Lauritzen was established in 1882 by naval architect, Otto Kemp and telegraph engineer Severin Lauritzen. Together they founded one of Europe’s first telephone companies, Kjøbenhavns By-and Hustelegraf.

They rapidly changed focus to the development, installation and sales of electrical systems. Kemp & Lauritzen eventually merged with various sanitary, ventilation and electric installation companies, and today they are the largest company in Denmark, in the field of technical installations.

For a brief time, back in the 1960s, Kemp & Lauritzen produced a range of lamps for the modern Danish home. These lights are a rare find today, and there is very little information to find about them.


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Nordlys by Unspecified Designer for Kemp & Lauritzen ca. 1960s
ca. 1960s