Hoyrup Lighting

Hoyrup Lighting

Hoyrup Lighting was founded by Hans Hoyrup, when he in the late 1960s created a range of beautiful colorful lights, produced in acrylic and plastic sheets – following in line with a tradition of designing folded lampshades, like the famed pleated lamps produced by Le Klint, and still practiced by contemporary Danish designers today.

Architecturally artistic in their expressions, the Hoyrup lights were offered up in a wide pallet of iconic 1970’s colors. The genius of these lights, was that they were delivered as assembly kits with easy to understand instructions. Thus cutting production costs, as the customers did part of the work themselves, and making shipping much easier, and more affordable, in a time of oil crisis.

Research into the history of Hoyrup Lighting has not yielded much information, but one name that is brought up as the principal designer behind many of Hoyrups productions, is a designer named Lars Schiøler, but there is no more information about who he was.

Traces of this ingenious business venture go cold after the 1970s, and all that remains, are the beautiful pieces that survived the test of time. And of course that one very good idea, that today, drives a little Swedish conglomerate of furniture stores – who also sells lighting delivered as assembly kits, with easy to understand instructions.

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