H. Bødtcher-Hansen

H. Bødtcher-Hansen

HBH is a name that most Danes remember, and associate with household products back in the 1950s-60s-70s. The initials belong to manufacture and director Henrik Bødtcher-Hansen (1918-2014).

In the 1930s, Henrik Bødtcher-Hansen was assisting in a hardware company, LV Erichsen A/S, and became head of department at Simonsen & Weel in 1939 (selling surgical instruments and medical equipment). He had no doubt in his mind, that his career was in the area of electric products for personal care. He also had an HD in Marketing.

Immediately after returning from Sweden, after WW2, in the age of 28 and 5000 DDK to his pocket, he started the company H. Bødtcher-Hansen A/S. In 1946, he had the names HBH and HBH solen (HBH sun), registered as trademarks.

H. Bødtcher-Hansen quickly developed through creative and modern marketing, into one of Denmark’s leading companies in its field, and most households in Denmark were provided with HBH-products. Cleopatra Hair Care appliances, HBH-heating pillow and HBH Mini table lamp, were some of the joys H. Bødchter-Hansen introduced, and the Danes bought at large scale throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
In the 1980s, Henrik Bødtcher-Hansen retired, leaving the company to one of his five sons, Ole Bødtcher-Hansen – now under the name OBH.

In 1991, H. Bødtcher-Hansen founded the HBH Fund, which distributes the annual HBH price, that goes to individuals, companies or organizations which have made a positive impression through their marketing.

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