Frandsen Lighting

Frandsen Lighting

Frandsen Belysning (Frandsen Lighting) was founded by Benny Frandsen in 1968, as he started designing, producing and marketing lamps out of the basement of his home. He created a Ball wall lamp, a ball that was attached to a wall bracket with a magnet – an immediately success. Everybody wanted the Ball wall lamp! In 1972, Frandsen starts a factory in Skanderborg to keep up with demand of the famous Ball wall lamp – and it became their biggest success.

In 1993, the company was sold, and merged with another lighting production, Lyskilde Holding, but with Benny Frandsen as director, and the name changed to Frandsen Lyskilde. Few years later, in 1996, Benny Frandsen bought back the company, and re0established Frandsen Lighting.

After the millennium, Frandsen Lighting moved production to China to save costs, and today, they manufacture on five major factories. In 2005, Frandsen Lighting bought a small lighting company, which held the copyrights for Verner Panton‘s The Globe, and this became the start of a new success for Frandsen Lighting. The company now owns the copyrights for 80 of Panton’s lighting designs, some formerly produced by Louis Poulsen. Latest (2011), the company bought the copyrights to some of Panton’s furniture and textiles for export purposes.

Frandsen Lighting is today a part of the family driven, Frandsen Group, consisting of three businesses; Frandsen Lighting (where Benny Frandsen designs lights together with a number of young designers), Verpan (where his son Peter manages the designs of Panton) and Frandsen Project (where his daughter Pernille manages lighting solutions for hotels, institutions, shops).


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Brass table lamp by Unspecified Designer for Frandsen Lighting ca. 1970s
Type 777 by Unspecified Designer for Frandsen Lighting 1970s
Type 777