Cebo Industri

Cebo Industri

The founder of Cebo Industry was flight engineer Claus Bolby (1944-2011). His creative hobbies with different materials lead him to lighting design. The first project was to produce lighting for the very modern Strandbygaard Church in Jutland. The lights were designed to symbolize a Danish priest’s collar with acrylic / Plexiglas staves (lamellaes), radiating from a metal tube, called Præstekraver. A smaller version soon followed, which today is the design icon.

Cebo Industry started in 1966, and all the lighting was manufactured in the basement of Claus Bolby’s home, in Silkeborg. Bolby used a specially developed technique with the Plexiglas to create the unique finish, and all lights were hand-made. In 1969, the lighting design of Cebo was so popular, that Lyskær and Nordisk Solar Compani bought the lights from Cebo, and sold them under their brand. By 1974, Cebo moved to larger premises in Silkeborg, and was exporting to many countries: United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Lebanon, Iran, Hong Kong, Sweden and Singapore.

In the 1980s, the interest of the lights disappeared, and Bolby began producing technical lamps and spotlights. Claus Bolby continued with lighting design for visually impaired, right up until his death in 2011. His wife, Jytte, helped all the way through his business venture. The sculpted acrylic light gained renewed, international interest in the new millennium, and is today highly sought after, internationally.

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