The Danish furniture manufacturer, bo-ex furniture, is internationally renowned and recognized for their exceptional high quality leather and steel furniture pieces which includes signature pieces like the bo-561 (1963), the Sculpture Chair (1964) and the Cane Chair (1982), all hand-crafted to perfection with incredible attention to detail.

The story begins in 1951, as bo-ex furniture emerges as an export branch of Danish Bovirke furniture (a manufacturer mainly known for producing Finn Juhl designs in the 1950s-60). In the early 1960s bo-ex teamed up with the young and talented design couple, Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm, who with their love for ultra minimalistic and pure lines found a perfect match in bo-ex. Up through the 1960s bo-ex produced the timeless, elegant and functional Fabricius & Kastholm designs, like the bo-562 (1963), the bo-571 (1962) and the Sculpture Chair (1964).

In 1969 bo-ex included furniture pieces, designed by a new couple of young promising designers, Jørgen Lund and Ole Larsen, who shared the passion for perfection of detail. Their designs include the bo-844 (1978), bo-850 (1978) and the Cane Chair (1982).

bo-ex furniture is taken over by Gert Auhagen and one of his brothers, Jørgen (owner of an upholster primarily subcontracting to Fritz Hansen) in December 1979, and they continues production of the popular furniture pieces. In 1994 Gert assumes sole ownership of bo-ex, and steers bo-ex into the new century. In 2003 bo-ex launches the reproduction of the Scimitar Chair, the Stool, the Daybed and the Sculpture Chair, all by Fabricius & Kastholm.


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bo-561 by Fabricius & Kastholm for bo-ex 1963