ASK Belysning

ASK Belysning

ASK Belysning (ASK Lighting) was a sub-department to the company A. Schrøder-Kemi A/S (chemestry and plastics fatory), founded in 1963 by Anton Schrøder (1926-2014) in Juelsminde, in Jutland. Schrøder was tired of his job as an electrician, and bought a polyester machine to start off his own plastic adventure, when the plastic was a brand new material. He never made the machine function right, and exchanged it for an injection molding machine. The main business became injection molded, plastic components.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the company began producing lights, labeled ASK Belysning. They collaborated with Danish designer Bent Karlby in 1971, who designed a series of light made in Plexiglas – many of them are famous pieces to day; Ergo and Pan.
The lighting production ended in 1978.

Anton Schrøder handed over the management to his daughter Ulla Schrøder, at some point. In 2005, A. Schrøder Kemi A/S (who later became Schrøder-Plast A/S) merged with three other Danish plastic companies, and is now SP Moulding A/S (the address is still in Juelsminde, where it all started in 1963).

Designs by this Producer

Ergo by Bent Karlby for ASK Belysning 1971
Spika by Bent Karlby for ASK Belysning 1971
Karina by Bent Karlby for ASK Belysning 1971
Pen Spot by Unspecified Designer for ASK Belysning ca. 1970s
Pen Spot
ca. 1970s