Svend Aage Jensen

Svend Aage Jensen

Born: 1918

The Danish designer and ceramist Svend Aage Jensen was an expert in glazes by years of experience and is mainly known for his designs for Søholm Stentøj.

He started at Søholm Stentøj in the age of 26 and soon showed at special gift for glazing. Svend Aage Jensen developed the glazing for many designs at Søholm Stentøj, such as the EJ64 Series (The Blue Series) by Einar Johansen in 1964. The Series features a wonderful deep blue glaze with hints of red-brown tones with a contrasting dark brown-dark gray matte glaze. Svend Aage Jensen is also created his own Series, like the Manilla Series from the early 1960s, featuring a sgraffito decoration technique, which brings out a gorgeous shining glaze ranging from brown over blue to pearl.

Together with Holm Sørensen, Svend Aage Jensen created the Burgundia Series from 1955. Holm Sørensen created the shapes while Svend Aage Jensen designed the decoration and the glazing. The series features a matte black – dark brown base color with glossy, pastel decorations, mostly geometrical or floral patterns, in blue, yellow and white.

Svend Aage Jensen worked at Søholm Stentøj in the period 1944-1980.

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No. 3062 by Svend Aage Jensen for Søholm Stentøj ca. 1960s
ca. 1960s