Simon P Henningsen

Simon P Henningsen

Born: 1920 - Died: 1974

Simon P Henningsen was a Danish architect and designer. He was the son of Poul Henningsen‘s first marriage. He studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, in 1944, but never graduated.

In 1940, Simon P Henningsen was employed at Ole Buhl, and the following year, at Viggo Møller Jensen. In 1942, Henningsen started working at his father’s design studio, and the pair worked together at Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Simon P Henningsen opned his own design studio in 1946, and in 1948 he was appointed chief architect at Tivoli, following his father. This meant that he had the final say of Tivoli’s visual aspects – its layout, buildings, structures, restaurants, shops, and its lighting. He immediately banned the use of fluorescent tubes.

Henningsen brought radical changes to the design of Tivoli over the next 25 years, towards a more modern design. In 1958, Henningsen created the flowerlike Tivoli Havelampe (garden lamp), which was first popular in Tivoli, and later was put into production for domestic gardens. This was the beginning of the collaboration with Danish lighting producer, LYFA, whom distributed his lighting designs through out the 1960s and into the 1970s.

When the Divian 2 restaurant in Tivoli expanded in 1962, Simon P. Henningsen’s most famous light emerged, the Divian II. This was the sensation of 1962. LYFA quickly started the prodution, and the light became a commercial success, both in Denmark and internationally. In 1963, it was exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, and in 1964, it was installed in Georg Jensen’s 5th Avenue store in New York. It received several international designs prizes.

Simon P Henningsen continued as chief architect in Tivoli until his death in 1974. In the period of 1961-1971, Louis Weisdorf worked as his main assistant.

In addition to the work in Tivoli, he was chosen to be a judge in an illumination contest in Tokyo, in 1968, and was a consultent on severel amusement parks abroad, and designed the interior of severel restaurants and bars in Copenhagen.

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Nippon by Simon P Henningsen for LYFA 1970
Divan 2 by Simon P Henningsen for LYFA 1962