Louis Weisdorf

Louis Weisdorf

Born: 1939

Louis Weisdorf is a Danish architect and designer. He graduated from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fint Arts in Copenhagen, at the age of 22, in 1954.

In 1961, he started a 10-year assignment at Tivoli, and worked as the main assistant of Tivoli’s chief architect Simon P Henningsen. In the late 1960s, Weisdorf set up his own design studio in Kompagnistræde, in Copenhagen, sharing the premises with architect Ole Panton (the younger brother of Verner Panton).

Weisdorf has worked closely with many designers, including Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen, Simon P Henningsen and Acton Bjørn, and he continues to service national and international clients.

Weisdorf has always been interested in creating lights from a single element, that could be repeated, and built together in various fashions, and a guiding principle of shielding the eye from direct bulb glare at all angles. Obvisous exsamples are the Konkylie from 1967, the Facet from 1966 and the Turbo from 1967.

A 1967 LYFA advert, described the Konkylie in the following terms: “Louis Weisdorf MAA, is a young architect with a strong sense of form. With his creative and technical understanding, he has designed a series of lights for Lyfa – the Konkylie lamps, available in “silver” or “gold”. A truly fascinating light, which will one day, become a classic”.

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Ekko by Louis Weisdorf for LYFA 1968
Multi-Lite by Louis Weisdorf for LYFA 1972
Konkylie by Louis Weisdorf for LYFA 1963
Facet Pop by Louis Weisdorf for LYFA 1970
Turbo I by Louis Weisdorf for LYFA 1965