Knud Kyhn

Knud Kyhn

Born: 1880 - Died: 1969

Knud Kyhn was a Danish painter and sculptor. Growing up the artistic influence of his uncle, painter Wilhelm Kyhn, Knud Kyhn is admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, but drops out to receive teaching by Lauritz Tuxen. The paintings are often portraying animal life in different contexts.

His incredible pottery career starts in the early 2000th century, as Knud Kyhn begin working at the pottery of Karl Schroeder (in Northern Sealand). In 1904 Kyhn get sthe opportunity to present some of his cereamics to Arnold Krog, the creative director at Royal Copenhagen. Krog is very impressed by the ceramics and hires Kyhn right away.

Knud Kyhn worked at Royal Copenhagen for several periods: 1904-1910, 1924-1932 and 1936-1968. In between he developed his skills by working at Bing & Grøndahl (1908-1915, 1933-1935) and Herman A Kähler (1920-1924). At Kähler he met the painter Julie Bloch, to whom he married in 1922. In 1936 the two of them started a small pottery, from where design in his own name were sold.

His stoneware figurines, featuring very naturalistic animals with fine details, became one of the largest figurines successes of Royal Copenhagen. Especially the brown glazed bear figurines were popular and in the 1980s additional pieces were redesigned by Kyhn’s younger colleague Jeanne Grut.

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Monkey by Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen 1930
Elephant by Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen 1929
Baboon by Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen 1930
Hippo by Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen 1930