Kamma Svensson

Kamma Svensson

Born: 1908 - Died: 1988

Kamma Svensson or Karen Margrethe Svensson (Kamma), was a Danish illustrator with a charming colorful style.

She studied both in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany in the late 1920s, to early 19302. Throughout her career, Kamma Svensson has created drawings for Danish newspapers and magazines, and illustrated books for Danish authors, such as Johannes Møllehave, Tove Ditlevsen and Lise Nørgaard. She has created posters for Tivoli Gardens, decorated annual plates and spoons for Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen, and she has decorated colorful metal cans and trays for IRA Denmark.

Bonus info: In the period of 1950-71, Kamma Svensson was employed at the Danish newspaper, Politiken, working together with Danish writer and author, Lise Nørgaard. The two developed a close friendship, lasting until Kamma’s death in 1988. Since the 1950s and forward, Kamma illustrated every book written by Lise Nørgaard.

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