Jacob E Bang

Jacob E Bang

Born: 1899 - Died: 1965

Jacob E Bang, Jacob Eiler Bang, is known as Denmark’s first industrial designer and the creator of functionalism in Danish glass. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, in 1921, as an architect. After his graduation, he worked at Kay Fisker’s design studio, and stayed on to the end of the World Exhibition in Paris, in 1925.

In 1925, he was employed at Holmegaard Glassworks, and became the glassworks’ first designer in 1928. The Company was in financial difficulties, and his modernist designs helped to transform the company’s fortunes. His design mantra, was ‘beautiful, strong, practical and cheap, and it was his words, that formed the basis for the Holmegaard Glassworks mission statement: “Every Dane should be given the opportunity to own a Holmegaard glass”.

Jacob E. Bang’s glass design, which was popular and virtuosic, achieved great recognition and popularity, and today many of his works have become style icons and collectibles. Already in 1928, Jacob E Bang designed the famous glass series Viol of 54 pieces, and two years later, he created the groundbreaking series Primula in the color smoky topaz, which consisted of 100 different models.

He designed several glass lamps, that were produced in a collaboration between Holmegaard and Fog & Mørup, the resulting lights being branded and marketed as Fog & Mørup products. He remained an artistic director for Holmegaard Glassworks until 1941.

In the period 1944-57, he designed several fajancestel for Schous Fabrikker. From 1957-65, he was the artistic director of Kastrup Glassworks.

As one of the few Danish designers, Bang has won several medals at world exhibitions; Barcelona in 1929, Brussels in 1935, Paris in 1937 and New York 1939.

Jacob E. Bang’s two sons, Michael Bang (1942-2013) and Joachim Bang (1946-2005) became respectively glass designer and sculptor.

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Kreta by Jacob E Bang for Fog & Mørup 1964