Henning Rehhof

Henning Rehhof

Born: 1939

Henning Rehhof is a Danish artist and designer, with deep roots in the 1950s cabinet maker scene. His most famous lighting design is the Cocktail lamp, produced by Fog & Mørup in 1971.

This spectular light was only produced a few years, in the early 70s by Fog & Mørup. The story about the lamp goes:  “As usual the designer was missing something to give as a Christmas present, and he originally made 5-6 lamps in pine strips. A further work on the strip principle led to the Cocktail light”.

The name was due to the fact that, the strips can be “mixed” so as to obtain various lamps. In principle a large number of variants. The main variant is a red light, which provides white light, and a white light which gives red light. With the short strips pleated interior and the long strips exterior, the lamp spreads the light. Conversely, with the long strips interior and the short strips external, the lamp gathers more light.

An advertisement for the lamp dating from May in 1971, ran as follows: “Cocktail is the name of a new type of lamp with a wide variety of combinations. Just by moving the 12 loose red-white aluminum-strips, you are creating new, exciting color effects and thus different moods in the living room. Do you prefer a classic white lamp, or a hot-red-glowing coziness lamp?”

Henning Rehhof is more known for his unique turned, wooden bowls, which to a large number he has not signed.

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Cocktail by Henning Rehhof for Fog & Mørup 1971