Frits Schlegel

Frits Schlegel

Born: 1896 - Died: 1965

Frits Schlegel was a Danish functionalistic architect, who was the first to experiment with in-situ cast, concrete houses on Danish soil. It was his talent for drawing, that got Schlegel to aim for an architect education, at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he studied between 1916-1923, and won the small gold medal in 1924 (for a stadium) and the gold medal in 1927 (a university in Jutland).

He was employed by Martin Borch in 1916-17, by Edvard Thomsen in 1916-34 and GN Brandt from 1920. The two latter offices, were his primary learning places, where he could express his great talent for drawing.

Schlegel had his own studio from 1934, until his death in 1965. In addition to architecture, Schlegel created part applied art and furniture of very modern nature.

Among his works, there are also the redevelopment of Daells Warehouse 1923 (together with Vilhelm Lauritzen), State Life Assurance Institute 1950-53 (together with Mogens Lassen) and Tivoli Concert Hall 1954-56 (together with Hans Hansen), all in Copenhagen.

Frits Schlegel got Zacharias Jacobsen’s scholarship in 1926 and in 1941 Eckersberg Medal. He was a board member of the Architects’ Association from 1944-48.

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P295 by Frits Schlegel for LYFA 1938