Brylle & Jacobsen

Brylle & Jacobsen

Behind the names Brylle and Jacobsen is a story of a life-long friendship between the Danish artist Flemming Brylle and the Danish industrial designer Preben Jacobsen, dating back to 1965. Together they established two successful lighting companies; Quality System and Brylle/Jacobsen Design.

The first lighting design by Brylle and Jacobsen was the Cosmo Light, a self-assembly lamp, cast in brightly colored polystyrol (a plastic material with very fine light-dispersing qualities). Brylle and Jacobsen designed a wide range of these self-assembly acrylic lamps in different shapes and colors, among others the Strips Light (as pendant and table lamp) and the Confetti Light. They also created the Moon light, a ball shaped light with metal suspension (produced as table lamp and as pendant).

The innovative Brylle and Jacobsen were quick to export their products, mainly to the European and American market, which meant that the products were more famous abroad than in Denmark in the 1970s. Their simple Scandinavian design with organic shapes had (and still do today) a broad international appeal. Some of the original designs were re-introduced in the 1990s and is produced today, such as the Strips pendant and table lamp.

Both Flemming Brylle and Preben Jacobsen is involved with Quality System and Brylle/Jacobsen Design today, as member of the Design boards.

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