Bent Nordsted

Bent Nordsted

Born: 1927

Bent Nordsted started in a hardware store but with a big artistic fascination. In 1957 he formed the company Nordsted & Co. with its own design of drinking glasses and glass lamps.

In the 1970s Bent Nordsted drove the businesses Nord-Fair and Nordsted Design together with his twin brother, Birger Nordsted-Jørgensen(architect). Nord Fair is today a company that offers help for fairs in Jutland, Denmark. Nordsted Design designed everything from lamps and candlesticks for pepper mills and cutlery. Special iconic was the molded bottle opener. The company had to be closed again, when it was plagued by plagiarism and cheap counterfeit goods. A lot of products, especially pepper mills, are still in circulation today.

The entrepreneur Bent Nordsted also designed lamps for several Danish lighting producers as Fog & Mørup, Lyskær Belysning, Kastrup Glassworks and Holmegaard.

Bent Nordsted is unfortunetely dead, but the year of death is unknown.

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