Agner Christoffersen

Agner Christoffersen

Born: 1907 - Died: 1993

Agner Christoffersen was a Danish architect at a time where the architect himself was responsible for all inventory, including furniture, lamps, luminaires and signage. He trained as a carpenter from 1925-26, and later studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, together with people like Arne Jacobsen.

In 1928, Agner Christoffersen was employed by the Copenhagen Municipal Planning Board (Stadsarkitektens Direktorat). Later on, he became the architect of the departement in the period 1966-75.

In 1941, he performed consulting work for Vilhelm Lauritzen linked to the enlargement of Gladsaxe Town Hall and the buildings of Marielyst School and Bagsvaerd School. In 1955 he was a consultant for Hoff and Windinge at Herning Gymnasium, and in 1958 he performed the same kind of work for Palle Suensen with FL Smidth administration and laboratory building.

Agner Christoffersen is mainly known for his furniture designs, including the first school desks with loose chairs in contrast to the old two-party tables with fixed bench. He designed a significant part of the inventory for municipal projects concerning schools, daycare centers, social and tax authorities.

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