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Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Pendant
30 cm |11.8 inches
20 cm |7.9 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
100 W
Aluminum / Black, Copper, Cream / Blue, Cream / Cyclamen, Orange / Blue
Aluminum (Lacquered), Copper
* Variations are separated by comma [ , ] while Combinations are separated by slash [ / ]

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About the design

The Ultra is designed by Jo Hammerborg in 1963 for Fog & Mørup.

It is comprised of 7 polished copper rings encompassing each other. Inside it features an orange reflective inner coating for warm reflection of the light. Closed towards the top, all the light is directed out between the copper rings and downward through the open bottom. The bottom features a plastic diffuser plates to soften the illumination, which makes it perfect for high hanging as well as low hanging.

Jo Hammerborg joined Fog & Mørup in 1957 and immediately began transforming the company’s product range. A catalogue from 1963 included 24 designs by Hammerborg, many of them are highly sought after today. Among them is the Ultra.

Originally produced in copper or lacquered aluminum. The copper version had orange inner, whereas the aluminum version were produced in 4 different color combinations – aluminum with black center ring, cream with dark cyclamen center ring, cream with pale blue center ring and orange with deep blue center ring.

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