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Type 513

Design year:
ca. 1970s
Design type:
Lighting, Wall lamp
12 cm |4.7 inches
15.5 cm |6.1 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
40 W
Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow
Metal (Laquered)
* Variations are separated by comma [ , ] while Combinations are separated by slash [ / ]

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About the design

The Type 513 is one of many examples of the famous magnetic BALL wall lamp. This version is produced by E.S. Horn in the 1970s.

Originally designed by Benny Frandsen (Frandsen Lighting) around 1970 for Frandsen Lighting, but later reproduced by several Danish lighting producers, among them E.S. Horn. Today the magnetic BALL wall lamp is produced by Frandsen Lighting.

Beautiful Danish “democratic design”, originally available in a variety of different colors, and hung in many homes in Denmark through out the 70’s and 80s.

The genius of this light is the magnet which holds the lamp in place, and allows you to easily adjust and point the light where you need it – for excellent reading light – over the bed or your favorite chair.
It could also be used as a table lamp, as you will find described elsewhere, but the original idea, is to mount it on the wall using the screw hole(s).

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