Radiohus pendel

  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel
  • Radiohus pendel

Radiohus pendel

Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Pendant
33 cm |13.0 inches
45 cm |17.7 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
200 W
Brass, Opal
Blown glass, Brass
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About the design

Radiohus pendel, or Radiohus pendant is designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen in 1945, and produced by Louis Poulsen.

A timeless piece with a very appealing organic shape, comprised of three-layer blown glossy white opal glass with a brass pendant tube on top, which secures both the glass and the bulb socket. The thick three-layer glass is made from two layers of transparent polished glass with a white glass layer in between them, resulting in an evenly lit fixture.

The Radiohus pendant was designed by architect Vilhelm Lauritzen in 1945, as part of the lighting for his new building, Radiohuset in Copenhagen. It was used for general illumination in many areas of the Radiohuset building due to its wonderful lighting qualities, where powerful downward directed light trough the wide opening is combined with a gentler and softer room illumination via the opal glass. Vilhelm Lauritzen designed all the lighting for Radiohuset in partnership with Louis Poulsen, as the norm dictated in Denmark at that time. Radiohuset was originally designed for the national broadcasting network including a large concert hall inside, but now it houses the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Laurtizen’s extremely attractive pendant quickly became the best-selling lamp at Louis Poulsen, but as the popularity decreased it was dropped from the product range by Louis Poulsen. In September 2016, Louis Poulsen re-launched the Radiohus pendant under a new name, VL45 with updated energy efficiency and bulb socket accommodating LED bulbs.

This is the largest of the two versions of Radiohus pendants.

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