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Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Pendant
40 cm |15.7 inches
15 cm |5.9 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
75 W
Brass / Opal
Opal glass
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About the design

This RA opal glass pendant is designed by Piet Hein and one of the first editions – produced in the early 1940s by LYFA.

Elegantly curved upper opal glass shade and a sphere shaped lower opal glass shade, suspended on cylinder shaped brass – the RA is almost inviting your to come closer with its pleasing design.

Very modern design although initial sketched in 1931 by Piet Hein in the age of 25. Based on his mathematical calculations on ‘isolux surfaces’ that evenly distribute the light. He covers the bulb as much as possible so that it does not glare, but still illuminates the surface of the upper shade sufficiently to give off enough room illumination.

First described in 1932 in the Danish publication ´Fysisk Tidsskrift´ by Piet Hein himself, who stated about light glare: ´Its effect is least when the given quantity of light is evenly distributed over the surface area available’. The following year he participates at a inventor exhibition in Forum, Copenhagen with the RA light. At the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1935, Piet Hein and LYFA won gold medal for the light.

LYFA put it into production in 1939 and remained in production for some years. By 1969 LYFA took up production again and released the RA light in four sizes (RA-24, RA-30, RA-40 and RA-50) and three colors – white, bright red or glowing orange. It was also released as wall lights and table lights. At a later state a floor lamp version was launched.

Still in production today by Piet Hein Trading in a number of colors.

An exceptional vintage addition to any space – hanging in the kitchen or over a mid century dining table. She would also absolutely amazing hung over a sitting area or even in the hallway to light up the stairs. Endless uses in the stylish home!

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