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Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Wall lamp
36 cm |14.2 inches
9.5 cm |3.7 inches
Length of arm:
7 cm |2.8 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
60 W
Red, Yellow
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About the design

Pandean, a wall lamp designed by Bent Karlby in 1970 and produced by LYFA.

Made up by a polished aluminum “PAN flute” pipe with a rounded aluminum cover, and a matte yellow or red inner coating. The aluminum cover conceals the light bulb in the center of the pipe and is able to move up and down to allow you to adjust the flow of light to suit your needs.

When this beautiful Pandean sconce is lit, the colored inner becomes even more rich in the color and gives off a soft ambient illumination – and the open top and bottom, provides for good luminance in the up – and downwards directions. When idle it is a true scriptural piece of art – hanging on the wall.

In the late 1960s Bent Karlby created a series of Pan-themed lights, originally produced by LYFA. The first two versions launched was the Pan-Opticon wall light (with yellow, blue or red inner) and the all aluminum Pan pendant. In 1970 Bent Karlby designed two other versions, the Pandean wall light (with red or yellow inner) and the Pantre pendant (with red or yellow inner). The following year, Karlby and another Danish lighting producer, ASK Belysning launched the Pan in Plexiglas as table light, pendant and wall light.

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