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Design year:
ca. 1960s
Design type:
Lighting, Pendant
29 cm |11.4 inches
22 cm |8.7 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
75 W
Brass, Crystal glass (Clear)
Brass, Crystal glass
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About the design

The Nordlys or Northern Light in English is designed by Swedish designer and manufacturer Eric Wärnå and produced by Danish Kemp Lauritzen in the 1950s.

A smaller sized hanging lamp, comprised of 16 individual tubular shaped crystal glass, held in place by a brass frame at the bottom and at the top. Each tubular glass is fluted to ensure optimal scattering of the emitted light, but also to captures the natural daylight while hanging.

This beauty is designed by Swedish designer Eric Wärnå, inspired by the Northern Light he created a Series (called Northern Light) of crystal glass pendants and sconces, all with the same tubular crystal glass and brass framing. The fluted crystal is exceptional in capturing the natural daylight, creating a wonderful specter of colors.

The light’s journey through the fluted crystal glass tubes, makes for a soft diffused ambient light, with a very soft pattern of light onto the surrounding space.

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