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Formel 3

Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Pendant
27 cm |10.6 inches
50 cm |19.7 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
150 W
Aluminum, Black, Brown, Red, White, Yellow
Aluminum, Metal (Painted)
* Variations are separated by comma [ , ] while Combinations are separated by slash [ / ]

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About the design

The Formel 3 is made up of a painted metal shade ending in an elongated top which conceals the bulb. The inside is white for optimal reflection while the outside is painted in bright colors, such as; black, yellow, brown, red and white. The light was also produced in polished aluminum.

The Formel 3 is the largest in the lighting series, Formel by Hans Due. The Formel series was originally launched in 1974 and produced in 3 sizes; Formel 1 (10.2″/26 cm in width), Formel 2 (15.9″/40,5 cm in width) and this one, Formel 3 with a diameter of 19.7″/50 cm. The advert from 1974 stated that “their beautiful, simple design makes the applications endless, especially where a good working light is needed”.

Fog & Mørup received the International Forum (iF) Product Design Awards in the 1974 for this light series.

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Meet the Designer

Hans Due

Hans Due

Hans Due trained as a graphic designer, and worked in the art direction and graphic design at a number of advertising and design companies, before setting up his own company, Due Design A/S, in 1974. In 2005, he dedicated himself to working as a visual …

Originally produced by

Fog & Mørup

Fog & Mørup

Ansgar Fog (1880-1930) and Erik Mørup (1879-1972) founded the company Fog & Mørup (F&M) in 1904, having acquired an “ironmongery and consignment warehouse” in Fiskergyde, in Aarhus, with a large inventory of among other things paraffin lamps, g …