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Epoke 3

Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Pendant
23 cm |9.1 inches
17 cm |6.7 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
60 W
Caramel, Green, Opal, Red
Hand-blown glass, Rubber
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About the design

The Epoke 3 is a mouth-blown glass pendant, designed by Michael Bang for Holmegaard in 1975. It is the third member of a bathroom lighting series, called Epoke.

It is a modern yet very 1970s tube shaped light, comprised of mount-blown glass with thick rubber bands. The EPOKE 3 was originally designed as a pendent, and resembles a spotlight in the spot. This shows in the very linear tube shape ending in a opal glass dome, whereas the two other models in the series are more organic and curvy in their shapes. In the EPOKE 3 is the bulb socket is placed at the end, secured by a thick black rubber band, also used to secure the dome at the top. As the other two Epoke models, this model can be used as a table light.

The EPOKE lights were designed in 1975 by Michael Bang as a bathroom lighting series consisting of two wall lamps and one ceiling lamp. Produced at Holmegaard in mouth-blown glass with rubber bands ensuring completely waterproof, while giving you the opportunity to adjust the direction of light to suit your specific needs.
The series was produced in 4 colors; red, opal, green and caramel.

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