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Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Table lamp
45 cm |17.7 inches
51 cm |20.1 inches
Width of base:
24.5 cm |9.6 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
60 W
Black, White
Acrylic, Rubber
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About the design

The Cosmos table lamp is designed by Preben Jacobsen in 1984 and produced by Fog & Mørup.

A white round metal base, emerging into a white metal stem with two thin black rubber bands wrap around it, and a white acrylic shade with black rubber edge, that almost seem to float on top of the stem. The organic curved shade ‘locks’ onto the stem and complete hides the bulb.

The delicate white color contrasted by the black rubber, combined with the floating UFO or mushroom-like shape, gives this beautiful table lamp a timeless feel. The white acrylic shade creates a soft illumination and because of its shape, the emitted all round it.

The COSMOS is a lighting Series, designed by Preben Jacobsen in 1984. It consisted of pendant, floor lamp and table lamp, all with the same design. The Series was marketed and sold under the Fog & Mørup brand, even though the actual Fog & Mørup company merged with LYFA in 1978, but the LYFA / Fog & Mørup constellation kept both brand names.

We found an old Fog & Mørup-ad, published in a Danish Lifestyle magazine; Bo Bedre in may 1984 – see the last photo. It reads:

Table lamp with hidden bulb
COSMOS is the name of a new series of lamps, consisting of pendant, floor and table lamp in the same design.
The bulb is hidden and the top and bottom of the shade are cast in a special acrylic, giving off a cozy light and soft shadows. Light is applied on to what you need to see, but also out into the room, hindering sharp glare.
Caption: The table lamp in the COSMOS series, designed by Preben Jacobsen – DKK 948.

The only Danish designer we know by the name Preben Jacobsen is Preben Jacobsen in Brylle & Jacobsen or Quality System. The design (and the material) of the Cosmos resembles designs from Quality System and Brylle & Jacobsen, so we believe that it is the same person.

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