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Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Wall lamp
16 cm |6.3 inches
Width of base:
5 cm |2.0 inches
Length of arm:
23 cm |9.1 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
40 W
Aluminum, Black, Brass, Brown, Copper, Green
Aluminum, Copper
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About the design

Alfa is a fantastic wall lamp with adjustable shade in brass and lacquered aluminum with colored inner coating, a lacquered arm and wall mounting plate with incorporated white on/off switch.

When the light is lit, the upper brass part of the shades gets illuminated from underneath through the narrow space between the upper and lower part of the shades. The shades is adjustable both upwards and downwards (for widening and narrowing the illumination), and rotates almost 90 degrees to the sides, enabling you to direct the light to where it is needed.

Originally produced in two variations – copper and aluminum, both with black shades and incorporated on/off switch on the top of the shades. In the late 1960s Jo Hammerborg and Fog & Mørup launched The White Line, featuring the Alfa, all in white and the on/off switch on top of the shade. During the 1970s a new version of the Alfa were launched – now in brass with shades in brown or green and the incorporated on/off switch is now placed on the wall mounting plate.

Bonus info: Alfa is amongst the 24 first designs by Jo Hammerborg, advertised in a catalog from 1963.

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