5-light chandelier

  • 5-light chandelier
  • 5-light chandelier
  • 5-light chandelier
  • 5-light chandelier
  • 5-light chandelier

5-light chandelier

Design year:
ca. 1950s
Design type:
Ceiling lamp, Lighting
58 cm |22.8 inches
59 cm |23.2 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
60 W
Brass / Light yellow / Crystal
Brass / Crystal glass / Crystal prisms
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About the design

This 5-light chandelier is produced by LYFA ca. 1950s without a quoted designer.

It is a truly elegant chandelier with five very light yellow glass shades with fine clear stripe patterns. Each glass shade rests on a brass cup, which also holds the bulb mount. The brass cups are elegantly placed on the highest point of a wavy brass arm. Towards the middle, all five arm meet in a round brass center, decorated with a linear pattern.

The brass center features beautiful crystal prisms, suspended by thin brass arms, curving downwards to allow the prisms to capture the light from the glass shades. A brass stem extends from the center and ends in a brass canopy towards the ceiling.

Stunning piece with its fine details and Hollywood Regency style – and it provides more than enough illumination for a medium to large size dinning table with its soft upwards directed light, but it also provides downwards lighting as well.

Hallmarked LYFA on the brass center and all bulb mounts.

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