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Chairs & Stools, Dinning Chair
78 cm |30.7 inches
41 cm |16.1 inches
46 cm |18.1 inches
Metal, Teak (Oil treated)
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About the design

The T-chair is designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1957, and put into production by Fritz Hansen.

The 3103 or T-chair is, like its predecessors the Ant chair and series 7 chair, a pressure molded teak veneer shell with a slim-line organic shape and contoured seat form, fitted on four legged tubular steel frame with black plastic finish.

Arne Jacobsen designed the T-chair in 1957 in collaboration with the Danish M.D. (Egill Snorrason), who had criticized the previous models for their lack of lumbar support – the result is a more upright seating position and better lumbar support, which in all gives an incredible seating comfort. The T-chair only remained in production at Fritz Hansen until the late 1960s, but was put back into production for a short period in the early 1980s.

The T-chair was available with a teak shell or upholstered and four-legged steel frame with black plastic finish. It was also available with a swivel frame with wheels (called Model 3212), and as a school chair in two smaller versions (seat heights of 36 and 42,5 cm). A children’s chair was also produced with a seat height of 34 cm (called Model 3123).

With its simple, understated and elegant shape, the T-chair, or the Hammer chair, which it is also referred as, is a timeless design piece – just as modern today as the day it was designed.

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Meet the Designer

Kamma Svensson

Kamma Svensson

Kamma Svensson or Karen Margrethe Svensson (Kamma), was a Danish illustrator with a charming colorful style. She studied both in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany in the late 1920s, to early 19302. Throughout her career, Kamma Svensson has create …

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ABO Randers

ABO Randers

ABO Randers A/S was a small lighting company, situated in Aalestrup, near Randers, in Jutland. It was founded in the late 1960s, and mainly based on one product idea – the successful Ball magnet wall lamp, originally designed by Benny Frandsen. The gen …