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Chairs & Stools, Furniture, Stool
45.5 cm |17.9 inches
43.5 cm |17.1 inches
35.5 cm |14.0 inches
Rosewood, Teak
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About the design

The DOT Stool is a timeless stool designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1952 and put into production by Fritz Hansen in 1954.

The 3170 model or DOT Stool is another example of timeless design by Arne Jacobsen – a simple and modest stool, designed in the early 1950s and still in production today, more than 60 years later!
Comprised of a thin molded rosewood veneer seat fitted on a three legged steel frame with chromed finish.

It was in the beginning of the 1950’s and alongside Arne Jacobsen’s process of creating the ANT Chair, that another little treasure, the DOT Stool was developed. During this period Arne Jacobsen spent a lot of time at the factory testing, refining and finalizing the chair. Whilst doing this, he fell in love with the little Dot™ – so much that he made it part of his work and used it for one of his important projects at the time, the ANT Chair. The DOT Stool was introduced in 1954, produced by Fritz Hansen.

The four legged DOT Stool was launched in 1970, after the death of Arne Jacobsen. Only the four legged version are produced today by Fritz Hansen in a wide variety of veneers and finishes – and still popular as ever!

This DOT Stool is a classic piece that wears its long history proudly with a rough, industrial look – it would be a cool counterpoint to more refined finished pieces in the living room, kitchen or even the bedroom.

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Meet the Designer

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