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Chairs & Stools, Dinning Chair, Furniture
81.5 cm |32.1 inches
52 cm |20.5 inches
49.5 cm |19.5 inches
Beech, Oak, Teak
Beech, Oak, Teak (Oil treated)
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About the design

The CH29 chair – or Sawbuck chair by Hans J Wegner in 1952 for Carl Hansen & Son.

It is an exceptional comfortable chair with an extremely appealing shape and striking profile. A visually simple, yet intriguing oak frame, characterized by two thick rounded front legs slanted backward to be met by two more sharped edged back legs about half way up the front legs, and the sculptural teak back rest in between the extended front legs.
Seating is slightly titled backward and is wider than most seats, which gives a really good seating experience.

Inspired by the sawhorses used by carpenters and woodcutters, Wegner designed this timeless chair in 1952, and it was put into production by Carl Hansen & Son, offered in beech, oak, teak or a combination of one type frame and another type back rest. The seating was available with or without leather upholstery. In the 1970s the CH29 chair was taken out of production, but about 20 years Wegner’s daughter Marianne Wegner suggested it re-introduced, which is was – this time in oak with or without lacquer and fabric or leather on the seat. It quickly became a huge success.

Hans J Wegner has set the golden standard for Danish Furniture design in many of his designs, however the CH29 commands it’s very own place in Modern design history – with its simple construction, light and appealing shape with a very strong, confident expression. It captures the essence of 1950’s modern Danish design – and is still a very popular Wegner chair in the Carl Hansen & Søn product range.

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Meet the Designer

Jette Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe is a Danish ceramicist, who worked for both AXELLA and BR Pottery. She also had her own pottery.  

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