Teak plate

  • Teak plate
  • Teak plate
  • Teak plate
  • Teak plate
  • Teak plate

Teak plate

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24.8 cm |9.8 inches
1.8 cm |0.7 inches
Teak (Oil treated)
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About the design

Teak plates or steak plates is produced by Danish Digsmed in the 1960s.

It is a solid circular teak plate with carved grooves. The soft rounded rim and the smoothness of the wood oozes craftsmanship.

Modern teak plates that can be used for multiple purposes – like a serving platter with cheeses or snacks, or as plates for steak or desserts – no matter how you would use these plate, they would look amazing and add a stylish touch to any dining table setting.

Underneath hallmark with the Digsmed logo and a number – to me it seems like it reads 413 or 410, but is is very hard to read.

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Meet the Designer

Michael Bang

Michael Bang

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