Olympiad Munich 1972

  • Olympiad Munich 1972
  • Olympiad Munich 1972
  • Olympiad Munich 1972
  • Olympiad Munich 1972

Olympiad Munich 1972

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Decor, Decorative plates
20.7 cm |8.1 inches
2.5 cm |1.0 inches
Blue / White
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About the design

Royal Copenhagen plate – Olympiad Munich 1972 – by Sven Vestergaard.

This porcelain plate commemorates the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 and features a skyline with a church in the middle. Towards the top a sun separates in the numbers in the year, 1972. The low-relief motif is handmade and hand painted in the distinctive Royal Copenhagen blue and was issued in a limited edition.

Green back stamp with Royal Copenhagen logo and three blue wave lines – classified grade A by Royal Copenhagen.

The backside has two holes in the base rim enabling it for wall hanging.

For collectors the back stamp carries a lot of information – one very important thing is the grading. Whether a piece is grade A (the best quality, no flaws or faults) or B (small, often not recognizable, production flaws) often carries a big difference in price. The way to distinguish the pieces apart, is to run a nail, over the three blue wave lines. Grade B pieces are marked with a vertical scratch in the porcelain where the wave lines are painted. Grade A pieces don’t have this!
Also the little blue signature next to the wave lines is the hand painter’s (called blue painter) signature, and the green Royal Copenhagen logo contains further information for dating the piece.

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Sven Vestergaard
Royal Copenhagen
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Meet the Designer

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Agner Christoffersen

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