No. 3332-1

  • No. 3332-1
  • No. 3332-1
  • No. 3332-1
  • No. 3332-1
  • No. 3332-1

No. 3332-1

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Decor, Trays
5.3 cm |2.1 inches
29 cm |11.4 inches
22.3 cm |8.8 inches
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About the design

Dish No. 3332-1 is designed by Einar Johansen as part of the blue series for Søholm in 1964.

It is a rectangular shaped dish with a slightly curved sides and slim rim. The inside of the dish features a pattern of repetitively triangular shapes, and covered with a wonderful blue toned glazed, designed by Svend Aage Jensen. The blue glaze spans over dark blue to light blue with hints of the underlying brown, almost golden tones. The backside of the dish is covered with sandy matte black finish, which makes for beautiful contrast to the glossy glaze.

This piece is part of the EJ64 series or the Blue Series by Einar Johansen. The series was the first ever home decor stoneware series produced at Soholm and became one of their greatest selling successes.

Hallmarked underneath with the Soholm logo and numbered 3332-1.

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Meet the Designer

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