No. 306

  • No. 306
  • No. 306
  • No. 306
  • No. 306
  • No. 306

No. 306

Design year:
ca. 1960s
Design type:
Decor, Trays
28 cm |11.0 inches
3 cm |1.2 inches
Teak (Oil treated)
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About the design

Teak plates produced by Danish Digsmed in the 1960s.

The No. 306 is a solid teak plate, circular with raised rim, a wide border and a large recessed circle in the middle. The soft rounded rim and the smoothness of the wood oozes craftsmanship, and notice the details in wood – it almost looks like tiny squares of teak are put together to form a plate.

Scandinavian modern teak plate that can be used for multiple purposes – like serving plate with cheeses, snacks, or even desserts, perhaps use it as charger plate.

Underneath hallmark with the Digsmed logo and a number – to me it seems like it reads 306 or 308, but is very hard to read.

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Meet the Designer

Jette Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe is a Danish ceramicist, who worked for both AXELLA and BR Pottery. She also had her own pottery.  

Originally produced by

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