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No. 102

Design year:
Design type:
Decor, Trays
3.5 cm |1.4 inches
31 cm |12.2 inches
21.6 cm |8.5 inches
Teak (Oil treated)
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About the design

No. 102 is a teak tray with nutcracker. Produced by Digsmed and thus presumably designed by Flemming Digsmed in the 1960s.

An attractive oval shaped teak tray with soft rounded corners, features the original nutcracker with teak handle. The nutcracker is placed in a carved indentation in the middle of the tray with the nuts placed in the two crescent shaped indentations on each side.

Underneath marked No. 102 and carries the Digsmed logo.

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Meet the Designer

Bent Karlby

Bent Karlby

Bent Karlby was a Danish architect, designer and member of the resistance. He was educated at the Technical School in Aarhus, in 1932. Karlby worked for Vilhelm Lauritzen in the period of 1934-39, Palle Suenson 1939-40 and Ernst Kühn 1941-43. In Januar …

Originally produced by

ABO Randers

ABO Randers

ABO Randers A/S was a small lighting company, situated in Aalestrup, near Randers, in Jutland. It was founded in the late 1960s, and mainly based on one product idea – the successful Ball magnet wall lamp, originally designed by Benny Frandsen. The gen …