Lazy Susan

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  • Lazy Susan
  • Lazy Susan
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  • Lazy Susan
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  • Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Design year:
Design type:
36 cm |14.2 inches
28 cm |11.0 inches
Teak / Smokey glass
Glass, Teak (Oil treated)
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About the design

This lazy Susan is produced by Digsmed in the 1960s and presumably designed by Flemming Digsmed.

A two-tier teak lazy Susan with soft rounded edges and six carved rooms, perfect fit for 6 small smokey glass bowls with smart handles. Underneath a slightly smaller base and a smaller plate on top – both remains stationary, while the middle plate rotates. The wheel bearing is placed between the base and the movable plate.

Underneath the base hallmarked with the Digsmed logo and C 1964, but no logo on the glass, but we known that Digsmed collaborated with Holmegaard in producing the glass parts.

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Unspecified Designer

Unspecified Designer

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Digsmed Design or Digsmed Woodcarving, was a small Danish design company, which designed and produced high quality household goods, primarily using teak, glass and cast iron during the 1960s and 1970s. The little information we have been able to find a …