Kobenstyle Fondue set

  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set
  • Kobenstyle Fondue set

Kobenstyle Fondue set

Design year:
Design type:
21 cm |8.3 inches
18.5 cm |7.3 inches
Black / Blue, Red / Black
Steel / Cast iron / Teak
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About the design

This, Kobenstyle fondue set, is designed by Jens H. Quistgaard for Dansk Designs in 1955.

Very stylish Kobenstyle fondue pot set – a beautiful bright red enameled steel pot with a beautiful curved teak handle and distinctive cross handle lid, resting on a cast iron fuel holder / burner with same curvature teak shoes and handle.

The cast iron fuel holder / burner is stamped underneath Dansk Designs, Denmark with Quistgaard signature, IHQ. The stamped tells us that this item is produced in Denmark before 1965, as production moved to France in 1965 and item produced there is marked France.

Jens H. Quistgaard designed the Kobenstyle cookware in 1955. The name refers to the Danish name Københavnerstil (Copenhagen style), as they wanted to imply that this was Danish style from Copenhagen. The Kobenstyle series consisted of a wide range of products, in four different colored enamel; turquoise, yellow, light green and red. The light green was only kept in production shortly, while the three other colors remained in production until 1985. In 1971 two additional color options were introduced: white or black.

Aesthetics and functionality combined in one product – an extremely appealing silhouette with glossy enamel and the ability to serve straight from the pot or cook at the table – the cross handle on the lid could also be used a trivet for the pot and the teak shoes on the cast iron fuel holder to avoid any scratching to the tabletop. The set is much lighter than other enameled cast iron cookware.

Width: 7.1″ (18 cm)
Height: 4.5″ (11,5 cm)

Cast iron fuel holder:
Width: 7.3″ (18,5 cm)
Height: 4.9″ (12,5 cm)

Total height: 8.3″ (21 cm)

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