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Passionate about Danish vintage design

Having collected iconic Danish lighting, and other Danish design pieces for myself since 1999, my collection had grown too big to actually fit in my home. But as I couldn’t stop falling for beautiful designs, I decided to share my passion for these functional works of art, by making them available to others, in a digital version by creating the design index – and the real thing, by selling the pieces in ‘The collection’ and offering our services for custom sourcing special pieces.

I quickly realized, that Danish design has broad appeal internationally, as well as a growing demand. Prices on top auctions are soaring, and the works of Danish mid-century artisans, architects and designers are trending all over the world. So sharing my passion rapidly grew into a business – and nowadays I share the work with my fantastic team – Trine (Curator), Antonia (Assistant Curator) and  Steffen (Social Media Manager).

Only the best is good enough – and original is the only kind of best!

Being a collector for many years, and having a design background myself (18 years a professional, and a Masters degree in Design), I have had my own experiences with the disappointments waiting out there on the market; unknowledgeable and/or dishonest dealers, questionable “originals” and sketchy conditions. So, I decided from the start that I wanted my shop to reflect the complete opposite of all this, and I wanted to make sure that every experience you as the customer may have with Danish Vintage Design will be a great one!

That is why you will always only find original designs in our shop, as the designer conceived it, from the original producer and in the best of vintage conditions. And it will be a true survivor – as most of our pieces are between 25 and 60 years old.
Moreover all our pieces are described in detail, including dimensions, in-depth design background information where available, and always depicted with high-resolution photos.

The DVD promise

As a customer you can always expect our utmost effort in every step of the process. From procurement of the pieces, over processing, packing and making sure they are safely and quickly delivered anywhere in the world.

We never want you to merely be content – we want you to be over-the-moon happy, with your pieces and the service we provided – and we will do all in our power, to make sure this is how you feel!

So, please enjoy our site, and always feel free to contact us about any questions or needs.

Houston Wilson IV
Danish Vintage Design

Searching for that something special?

If you are looking for a special Danish design piece, we offer our services for custom sourcing to your request.

We are experienced, and happily cater to professionals too!

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