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Apollo 240 by Lars Schioler, Hoyrup Light, 1960

White pendant light by Lars Schiøler for Hoyrup Light in 1960. Danish space age plastic lamp in …

$ 302

Trombone by Jo Hammerborg, Fog and Morup, 1966

Aluminum floor lamp by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup in 1966 – a beautiful Danish Mid Centur …

$ 923

Orange glass lamp by Holmegaard (presumed), 1970s

Danish vintage blown glass hanging lamp by Holmegaard (presumed) in the 1970, in excellent vinta …

$ 302

Duett by Bent Gantzel Boysen, IKEA, 1970s

Green pendant light by Bent Gantzel Boysen (former chief designer at Louis Poulsen) for IKEA in …

$ 143

Flowerpot by Verner Panton, Louis Poulsen, 1968

Orange enameled pendant by Verner Panton in 1968 and produced by Louis Poulsen – vintage edition …

$ 277

Black square by unknown producer, 1950s

Gorgeous lamp with black metal, crystal glass and brass by unknown Scandinavian producer, ca. 19 …

$ 285

No. 52511 by Form-Light, 1980s
NO. 52511

White pendant light by Danish Form-light in the 1980s. Beautiful large ceiling lamp in very good …

$ 302

No. 52550 by Form-Light, 1980s
NO. 52550

White rise-and-fall suspension lamp by Danish Form-Light in the 1980, in very good vintage condi …

$ 269

Gulvvase by Otto Brauer, Kastrup-Holmegaard, 1959

Huge (20.3″) bottle-green Scandinavian modern glass floor vase by Otto Brauer in 1959 for HOLMEG …

$ 302

Gulvvase by Otto Brauer, Kastrup-Holmegaard, 1959

Huge (20.3″) blue Scandinavian modern glass floor vase by Otto Brauer in 1959 for HOLMEGAARD, in …

$ 365

Lazy Susan by Digsmed, 1960s

Large light wood-serving tray or platter, complete with 8 smokey glass bowls by Digsmed in the 1 …

$ 285

Fondue set by Digsmed, 1960s

Gorgeous complete teak & cast iron fondue set with Lazy Susan by Digsmed in the 1960s, all i …

$ 424


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