Sophus Frandsen – Celebrating a life time of lighting

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Sophus Frandsen (12.19-1927 – 08.04-2013) would have been celebrating his 89th birthday today, had he still been with us.

Graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1953, (while already being employed at the studio of Arne Jacobsen) Sophus Frandsen was a pioneer, when it comes to the nature and application of light, and modern usage of same.

His take and thoughts on lights, benefitted people, and accommodated instances, far and wide.

Throughout his life as an architect and designer, Sophus Frandsen wrote numerous articles, about his thoughts on the application of light, in cities and buildings. They were published, among others, in the magazine “PH on Lights” for which, he was a co-editor in the mid 1970´s.

In 1976, he teamed up with fellow architect and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Ebbe Christensen, with whom he ran an architectural consultancy agency.

For almost half a century, he was a vital part of the “laboratory of light” under the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he held a professorship, until his death in 2013. As was he, a member of the Danish Society of Artists, under the academy.

Among his most famed works, is the lighting in the ruins under Christiansborg (which houses the Danish government) the lighting at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, and the Trapholt Museum of Arts in Kolding, Denmark.

And of course, the Fibonacci, which he designed for Fog & Mørup, launching in 1963.

For more information on the Fibonacci, have a look at the entry in the design-index

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