Rasmus Harboe turns 148 today!

Filed under Anniversaries on October 25, 2016

Danish sculptor, Rasmus Gunnersen Harboe (1868-1952), most famed for his work for Aluminia, would have turned 148 years today, had that been possible.

Although he as a sculptor, is credited with a large number of pieces, he also worked nearly 30 years for the early Danish faience producer Aluminia, and his most famous pieces are the highly sought after, original Aluminia figurines.

The figurines are a set of 4 collectable figurines in all, based on the commedia dell’arte characters featured (then as now), at the Pantomime Theater, in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

We actually have a pair featuring the characters Columbine and Harlequin for sale in our Collection

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